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What number can I call to get more information?

940-564-3519 (ask for Dr. Greg Roach or Jennie Walker)


940-564-6037 (Kelly Mahler)

Can I make a memoriam or honorarium?

Absolutely!  Just click DONATE and follow instructions.

How can I make a tax-deductible donation?

Mail to PO Box 68, Olney, TX 76374
Drop off at 809 W. Hamilton Street or Click DONATE

Who are the beneficiaries?

OISD students and programs are the sole beneficiaries of the Foundation’s financial support.
However, by helping students succeed, the school and community benefit also.

When are the funds allocated?

Some programs are funded annually, other programs are funded semi-annually or throughout the year as determined by the Board of Directors.

How is the Foundation funded?

Programs and activities of the Foundation are funded solely by donations from alumni and friends. In-kind and monetary gifts are accepted from individuals, corporations, and other foundations.

Will the money I donate get diverted to any other groups by being in the WFACF?

No, your donation to Olney Education Foundation will go directly to our account to benefit our mission/goals to help Olney students achieve success.

Why does the Foundation partner with the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation?

The WFACF provides the Foundation the tax advantage of a 501(c)(3), accounting, distributions of funds, accountability with scholarship recipients, educational support of operating a foundation, plus the cost savings of partnering with other foundations in North Texas.

Is the Olney Education Foundation a function of the Olney Independent School District?

No, the Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by its own board of directors. The Board is comprised of the Superintendent of OISD, one trustee of OISD, ex-students, business professionals, community members, parents, and local business owners who have a sincere interest in the success of all students.

We already pay taxes. Why are public school foundations necessary?

Your tax dollars support mandated education. Nonprofit foundations are used to help raise money for educational programs and needs that are not covered by school budgets or tax dollars.

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